42.1% of app creators admit to using ChatGPT — Mobile App Feedback 2023 report

Even though 85.2% of mobile app maker gather user feedback, they don’t always use the most effective methods. Furthermore, the influence of AI is getting more strong within mobile apps development with 42.1% of app creators admitting to using ChatGPT or other AI instruments.

Polish company Survicate, in collaboration with UXCam, published the Mobile App Feedback 2023 Report, giving actionable insights for mobile app creators. AIN.Capital shares key points of the report.

Key findings

  • 56.2% of the surveyed mobile app creators find product prioritization challenging. 65.3% of Product Managers struggle to determine which features or aspects of their app to focus on next.
Mobile App Feedback 2023
Images here and after: Mobile App Feedback 2023 report
  • 85.2% of the polled mobile app professionals collect user feedback. However, the majority still struggles to implement it.
  • 42.1% of surveyed mobile app creators report using ChatGPT or other AI software. Some mention it being helpful with research, data analysis, and feedback categorization.

User feedback

  • Out of 85.2% of the polled mobile app professionals, the majority include app store reviews as a source of feedback, but using this channel is not always correlated with the highest effectiveness.
  • In-app surveys can increase the effectiveness of feedback collection by up to 8%.
  • For 57.1% of the surveyed creators, analyzing and prioritizing feedback is the main barrier to effectively implementing it in their development process.
  • 46.3% of the respondents collect feedback periodically: every six months (3.9%), quarterly (3.9%), monthly (23%), and weekly (15.4%).
  • The most popular frequency (selected by 30.8% of research participants) of running mobile app surveys is to trigger them by specific events.