Austrian based Digicust closes its seed round with an investment of €1.6 million

Digicust, based in Schwechat, specialises in the digitalisation of customs processing for freight forwarders, has closed €1.6 million investment. Following the two investments in February and March 2023, this is now the third investment within a year.

  • Founded in 2020 by Ahmad Haj Mosa and Borisav Parmakovic, Digicust develops ML and AI-based systems to digitalize and automate customs document processing. The startup’s proprietary solution is the virtual customs robot Dexter IDP, which builds on companies’ own IT infrastructures without any major changes.
  • Dexter intends to take care of the entire process from submitting customs documents to filling out the finished customs declarations, thereby making the work of companies that spend a lot of time and effort with customs easier.

“In principle, our investment round would have been completed after the first two investments this year, but after intensive discussions we decided to accept the offer from a Swiss private investor. We now want to use the fresh capital to roll out our solutions globally and tap into new markets,”

says Borisav Parmakovic, CEO and co-founder of Digicust.
  • In addition to the first two investors and the state funding, the largest investment was made by a Swiss private individual, but the name is not disclosed. In addition, the financier doesn’t yet appear in the company register.