Austrian Fund F by Female Founders joins €1.3M pre-seed round for RYVER.AI

Vienna-based Fund F by Female Founders has announced its €1.3 million pre-seed investment for RYVER.AI, is a Munich-based health-tech startup. The funding round was also co-led by Nina Capital, with participation from Bayern Kapital.

  • RYVER.AI was founded by trio from the Technical University of Munich and ETH Zurich, Kathrin KhadraSimona Santamaria, and Jonas Ils in 2022. The startup develops generative models that enable medical AI developers to generate diverse sets of synthetic test and training data in minutes and at substantially reduced cost. In addition, the solution protects patient privacy as the synthetic data is not linked directly to any real-world patient. The technology is available to a range of companies, from specialized startups to large medtech and pharmaceutical firms.

“Our generative AI understands the characteristics of radiological images and the subtle differences between patient groups, scanners and pathologies. Based on this understanding, a large number of completely new images can be generated. As the synthetic data is basically fictitious and not directly linked to a real patient, this is one of the most secure approaches of data anonymization. To check both data quality and data protection in detail, we combine complex mathematical methods with the expert opinion of radiologists.”

Kathrin Khadra, co-founder and CTO added.
  • The fresh round was led by Spanish Nina Capital, an international venture capital firm specializing in healthcare technologies. Other investors include BayernKapital from Germany and Vienna-based female-focuced Fund F .
  • It will be used to grow the AI Engineering team and finance the computational cost required to build advanced generative models that can ensure the image quality.