Austrian EnliteAI raises €2M in a seed round

EnliteAI, Vienna-based technology provider for Artificial Intelligence specialized in Reinforcement Learning and Computer Vision/geoAI, has raised €2 million. Breeze Invest, Speedinvest, and Floyd Ventures were among investors.

“In 2020, just when the first Сovid wave hit, we decided to do a hard-pivot into product development and doubled down on detekt, our geospatial AI solution, and reinforcement learning for power grid optimization. What followed were 3 years of turning the company into a fully fledged SaaS startup, hiring many new colleagues and started raising funds.”

Clemens Wasner, one of the co-founders commented.

  • The investment was co-led by Breeze Invest, Austrian based private investment boutique providing smart money to start-ups and SMEs with a clear growth strategy, Vienna-based Speedinvest and American real estate investment firm Floyd Ventures. It will help the startup to build the next generation of AI SaaS companies.