Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs opens applications for Ukrainians in Estonia

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, an EU-backed cross-border knowledge exchange program, has opened a new batch of applications for Ukrainian and European entrepreneurs who are resided in Estonia. The cycle 14 project is named “EYE TO THE FUTURE UKRAINE”, Estonia’s Startup Wise Guys Foundation is selected as a partner.

The applications are free and open until the 31th of January, here.

What the participants get from the program?

  • Knowledge to fast-track the growth of their business idea and learn from more experienced individuals;
  • International experience in the EU;
  • A financial support from the European Union during the exchange period to support travel and cover living costs.

Who can participate?

  • New entrepreneurs: Ukrainian residents in Estonia, firmly planning to set up their own business or have already started one within the last three years.
  • Host Entrepreneurs: Ukrainian and European experienced entrepreneurs residents in Estonia, who own (for more than 3 years) or manage a Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise in one of the participating countries.
  • Participants must also provide a сurriculum vitae (preferably in English), motivation letter (also in English); and a business plan. The application process is online.

For the first time, Estonian Startup Wise Guys Foundation has been selected as a partner in a consortium that supports the goals of the EYE program. In particular, the Foundation has been selected for the cycle 14, project named “EYE TO THE FUTURE UKRAINE”, which aims to support Ukrainian future New Entrepreneurs, affected by the military aggression of russia.

In addition, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs promotes exchanges of Ukrainian new entrepreneurs via 5 specific projects.