Polish modue launches on Kickstarter and receives €275k

modue, the Kraśnik-based modular control station, has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign itself will last over a month. After less than 24 hours, modue has already raised over €275,000 (PLN 1,200,000), MamStartup reports.

  • Established in 2023, modue is a modular control station designed to revolutionize the way users interact with their digital environment. The startup offers customization and control, allowing customers to tailor their interactions to their specific needs. The format of modue is a series of magnetically connected, customizable modules that aims to enhance efficiency and creativity in digital tasks.

The Kickstarter campaign offers various product combinations starting from €119 for the main module. The modules available during the campaign are:

  • One Touch: module with touch screen and customizable widgets, main module;
  • Slide: motorized linear potentiometer and touch screen for precise control;
  • Click: equipped with four mechanical buttons with RGB LEDs and a magnetic switch;
  • Spin: three knobs with RGB LEDs, with a click option.

Each module is designed with two-way connectivity, supporting both users who want it on the left or right side of their desk. This helps to adapt it to each workplace or entertainment.

The goal of the modue is to seamlessly integrate into users’ digital lives, making interactions with technology more intuitive and efficient. It is a kind of center for managing the universe,

Jakub Popowski, CEO of modue, said.

The Kickstarter campaign for modue is set to go live on 23.01.2024 and will run for 34 days. This is limited-time campaign that offers an opportunity for backers to be among the first to experience modue and contribute to its final development stages.