SUPERNOVAS Encourages Future Female Investors

SUPERNOVAS by EIT — the European Institute of Innovation and Technology — is a program created specifically to support ambitious women who are ready to make their mark in the entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem.

We recognize the need for representation for women in this industry. Many women possess knowledge and skills in investing, but they may not have had all the opportunities to fully explore this field. Others have the very relevant technology and scientifical background but were never introduced to the investment arena as a professional opportunity.

That’s why SUPERNOVAS was established — to prioritize the interests of women and provide them with a platform to thrive. The modern investment industry requires the inclusion of women, and we have tailored our program to be inviting and inclusive.


Gender disparities persist in the investment sector, and women deserve to have their voices heard and their potential shown. This industry is constantly evolving and full of innovation, and women from technology have a vital role to play in shaping the future of investment. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce the gender gap in entrepreneurship and the investment ecosystem.

The Essence of SUPERNOVAS and the Activities Within It

Now, what is the essence of SUPERNOVAS? It is a large-scale, innovative programme for women that supports their growth in the field of investments in startups. It has several initiatives included. From networking opportunities to professional growth, these activities will represent your potential and will allow you to make a giant step forward.

Some key activities:

Networking allows women in the finance field to feel more comfortable, connected, and empowered. And networking is especially important for women in need of an open and empathetic professional environment. Participation in the Women Investment Network will help women around the globe get the most out of this amazing professional opportunity.


This programme provides expert support to women-led startups to achieve successful international expansion in Europe. With Rocket Up, you will be able to develop your expansion strategy and enter the European market.


This programme facilitates women with a background in STEM to break into the investment ecosystem. Women2Invest is a training program on investment and offers networking opportunities, as well as the chance to get an internship or full-time job in top European investment funds. 


Data Room is a tool that gathers updated data on female-led startups supported by EIT with the goal of increasing the availability of pipelines for investors conscious of gender aspects.


The Women Leadership programme is created to inspire and enhance the leadership skills of female entrepreneurs. The world needs more female stars in the entrepreneurial field, and with training and networking events available within this programme, you will feel empowered and ready to reach new horizons. In addition, the business coaching and mentoring opportunities for career development will provide you with more advanced knowledge in the field.


The entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem of tomorrow will be driven by women. With more talented, experienced, and educated female professionals, there will be more opportunities for innovation and growth. SUPERNOVAS is the launching pad to impulse these women to shine.

There is a gender diversity gap in the investment industry and tech startup arena. Only 15% of tech startups are founded or co-founded by women. Women-led startups raise less funding than their male counterparts, with only 2% of venture capital going to all-female teams in Europe and around 5% to mixed teams. 

SUPERNOVAS goes beyond simply including women in the ecosystem. It is a platform that offers empowerment, freedom, and inspiration to women. That is why it is crucial to take advantage of opportunities like SUPERNOVAS.

For more information and to get involved, we invite you to visit the SUPERNOVAS website and register today. The modern investment industry requires the inclusion of women, and we have tailored our program so that it would be inviting and inclusive.