Ukrainian-British HR startup JobCannon acquires Adsme, a Ukrainian marketing company

Ukrainian-British HR tech startup JobCannon has acquired Adsme, a Ukrainian marketing company. Еhe deal means a full merger of Adsme and the further integrating of its technology into JobCannon’s recruiting AI platform. JobCannon told AIN the details of the deal.

  • Founded in 2022 by Viktor Levchenko and Danylo Orlov, Adsme is developing a technology that uses AI algorithms to analyze and predict the effectiveness of visual and text ads on Facebook and Instagram. These forecasts should help businesses use their advertising budgets more effectively.
  • In 2023, Adsme raised a pre-seed funding round from Fidelity Family Office and Andryi Zaikin, founder of the YEP! Accelerator The round was aimed at enabling the startup to expand its operations and grow to $100 million in revenue per year over the next five years.
  • Now, the startup gets fully acquired by JobCannon, which was also founded in 2022 by Ukrainians Peter Kolomiets, Alex Molodyk, and Andrii Cherednichenko. Since the launch, it has quickly grown from a small team to a company of 51 specialists with nearly 500 customers. Currently, the startup has headquarters in London.
  • In early 2024, the startup raised $500,000 in a pre-seed round from Whitehill Capital, with the backing of the World Bank, to further develop its SaaS product with the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Acquisition details

Although the exact amount of the deal in undisclosed, the deal should not exceed $1 million according to Peter Kolomiets. The agreement will be financed in several tranches. Following the acquisition, Viktor Levchenko will join the JobCannon team as CTO.

The technological synergy of JobCannon and Adsme creates a powerful foundation for the global transformation of the recruitment market. Improving the AI component of JobCannon will increase the effectiveness of our products by making the candidate matching mechanism more accurate. The job tracking tool will significantly help attract new, most relevant customers with minimal costs, confirming that JobCannon is a reliable partner in the field of recruitment,

Andrii Cherednichenko, CMO and co-founder of JobCannon, shared.

Adsme’s AI technology will be integrated into the JobCannon recruiting platform and will improve the algorithm of “matching” candidates and recruiters.