ZAKA VC invests in Lime Therapeutics, a US-based biotech startup 

Czech ZAKA VC has announced its latest investment in Lime Therapeutics. The fresh funds will help the startup to create a new class of lipid-targeting medicines to combat cancer, cardiometabolic diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders. The exact amount is undisclosed.

  • Lime Therapeutics was founded by Shardule Shah, Prakrit Jena, and Dan Heller, and provides its technology LipidSenseTM. This platform targets conditions such as cancer, metabolic disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • The startup claims that with LipidSenseTM, enables the identification of potential new drugs that can alter lipid biology, thus opening doors to novel therapeutic avenues. In addition, it allows for the rapid measurement of lipid flow in cells at a speed – over 20,000 times faster than the current standard.

The team is building a science platform which is able to detect and target lipid accumulation non-invasively and efficiently. We as well as the experts in our network were impressed by their speed of movement as well as their ability to utilize data and target conditions such as cancer, metabolic disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases,

Jan Kasper, Managing Partner of ZAKA VC, commented.
  • ZAKA is a pre-seed and seed-focused VC family office founded by entrepreneurs Peter Zalesak and Jan Kasper operating from Prague, London, and Bratislava with 50 portfolio companies invested in the past 4 years. The firm invests all across EU and US. Recently, it invested in Eigen Therapeutics, an American biotech company.

According to Lime Therapeutics together with ZAKA VC, the fresh injection will enable the startup to revolutionize human health span and usher in a new era of wellness for all.