Europe has the most affordable mobile data in the world — Broadband Genie study

Worldwide, people spend 4.09% of their salary on a mobile phone plan with 10GB+ of data, which is, on average, $24,20. Broadband Genie conducted a study on the global landscape of mobile data pricing to determine the mobile data affordability rating for 179 countries worldwide. It has revealed that Europe has the most affordable mobile data in the world, spending 1.37% of an average salary on a data SIM plan.

AIN shares the key details of the study, as well as shares insights on the CEE region.

Global trends in global usage of mobile data

  • Singapore has the most affordable mobile data in the world, while Guinea has the least affordable data in the world.
  • The United States of America sit at the 35th place out of 179 countries.
  • Europe has the most affordable mobile data in the world, on average costing $21.96, equivalent to 1.37% of an average salary.
  • The continent of South America has the cheapest mobile in the world ($16,90) but the lowest average salaries in the world, meaning the purchasing power of its residents is reduced.
  • The sub-continent of Central Asia has the cheapest mobile data ($8,88).
  • G7 countries (developed economies): United Kingdom (5th), Germany (13th), Italy (20th), United States (35th), Japan (41st), France (44th), and Canada (62nd) have mobile data more affordable than the global average.

It should be no surprise to see many European countries at the top of the study. These countries benefit from having a competitive mobile market which drives down prices for consumers. Coupled with having the highest wages in the world, almost more than double any other continent, means it is ahead of the competition when it comes to mobile data affordability,

Alex Tofts, telecoms expert at Broadband Genie, commented.

Eastern Europe

The region is the fourth cheapest for mobile plans. Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova all have average data plans under $10,00. But because of lower wages than other parts of Europe, Poland is the only country in the region in the top ten for affordability.

  • Mobile data as a percentage of salary: the average of 1.65%.
  • Average phone plan cost: $14,95.
  • Countries tested: 10.
  • Total tariffs measured: 7,538.

Romania is ranked 27th (with only 0.95% of their salary spent on mobile data), Finland — 28th (1%), Lithuania — 34th (1.12%), Estonia — 47th (1.29%). Ukraine ranked 52nd in the worldwide ranking (out of the 179 countries included in the research). On average, residents of Ukraine spend 1.37% of their salary on mobile data, succeded by Moldova, Latvia, and Belarus.