Ukrainian Vesna Capital invests in memoryOS, a US-based edtech startup

Vesna Capital, a VC fund created by Ukrainians, has announced a fresh investment in memoryOS, a US-based edtech startup with Ukrainian-Swedish roots. In a commentary to AIN, Vesna Capital shares the details of the investment.

About memoryOS

  • memoryOS was co-founded by Alex Ruzh and Jonas von Essen in 2019. The startup develops an edtech solution that equips individuals with essential Learning and Memory Management skills & tools to thrive in an increasingly information-rich digital world.
  • memoryOS tries to solve the problem with bad memorization by gamifying and combining the most effective memory techniques and learning methods. The solution can help people to transfer needed information from their short-term to their long-term memory.

Investment details

Petro Sovyak-Krukovskyy, Investment Director at Vesna Capital, commented on the fresh investment, explaining why the team decided to invest in memoryOS:

Firstly, we have a deep understanding of the problem. People have begun to forget essential details about others – names, birthdates, favorite foods, and favorite flowers. You meet someone, and you know you’ve asked them before, but you can’t recall if they take their coffee with milk or without or what their child’s name is.

Secondly, it’s a startup with a fundamental product. It’s not about puzzles or brain teasers. While brain teasers keep the brain active and enhance memory, you eventually stop doing them and revert back. memoryOS teaches you how to memorize large volumes of information using the ‘Mind Palace’ technique, which stays with the user for life. The long-term effect can genuinely change people’s lives for the better.

Thirdly, there’s a significant demand worldwide from people who want to combat the negative effects of social media and apps and relearn how to remember important details. The product helps address a pressing issue that leads to social discomfort when you meet someone and want to introduce them but can’t remember exactly what they do.

  • Although Vesna Capital invested in the company before their upcoming full round, the preparation still took many months, during which the fund and the startup developed a strong relationship.
  • In addition to the capital injection, Vesna Capital assisted memoryOS with marketing expertise and brand building.
  • The investment amount and other conditions were left undisclosed.

About Vesna Capital

Vesna Capital is a VC fund created by Andriy Fedoriv, Viacheslav Klymov, and Volodymyr Popereshniuk in 2022. Since the launch, the investment portfolio has already had many projects: Kooperativ, The Good Plastic, REMO, Salo, Zeely, Deskree, and others.

Vesna’s main focus is to help build the next generation of founders — even more ambitious, competitive, and resilient. The firm offers three models of collaboration: VC Studio, Private Equity, and Venture Investment.