Ukraine manufactures almost 100% of drones independently. Private entrepreneurs make the most

Almost 100% of drones are manufactured in Ukraine, most of them being developed by private entrepreneurs. This was said by the Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Klimenkov in an interview with SMALL TALK.

And that’s good, because it’s about the economy. The Defense Procurement Agency recently announced for the first time closed tenders through the Prozorro system for 20,000 drones with an estimated cost of up to UAH 3 billion,

Klimenkov said.

According to him, these tenders were held partially. And the military got good drones both in terms of price and quality.

About 7,000 drones have already been contracted. The tenders has been closed, and now about 7,000 more are undergoing inspection and qualification. More than UAH 1 billion — this budget has already been spent.

The journalist also asked about the prevention of corruption schemes in defense procurement. Dmytro Klimenkov replied that, first of all, supervisory boards have been introduced in two agencies: the State Rear Operator and the Defense Procurement Agency.

What should these supervisory boards do? They should monitor the effectiveness of the use of budget funds, the effectiveness of top management, and accountability. In other words, we will reduce the risk of corruption by implementing tools that already work.

Secondly, the Ministry of Defense cooperates with the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. This involves internal and external audits, the deputy minister said.

Among other things, he also said that from 2024, the state will spend UAH 1.2 million per year for one serviceman, excluding weapons. However, it is necessary to take into account the type of troops, seasonality, and other factors.