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24 July 2024
Ukrainian apps that conquered the US: In 4 years universe made it to the top-3 world ios tools developers
The 15 best agrarian businesses of the SEED project have been selected
“Website of the day” and optimization of lead cost: how design consulting changes the approach to usual things and helps business
Volunteers and IT: How does it work? Let’s take ELEKS as an example
Nikita Izmaylov, founder of the N1 investment fund, planned to invest $5M in Ukrainian startups in 2022. The war has changed these plans
Creating banking and fintech products loved by dozens of millions. Story of Ukrainian IT services company Alty
What is compliance and why it’s essential for business, even during wartime
Documents, an app created by Ukrainian company Readdle and downloaded by 75 million users. Here is the story of its team
Challenges, innovations, and trust: how Wirex R&D develops fintech services of the future
Nykyta Izmaylov, CEO and founder of the N1 investment fund, on how to get the first $1M
Behind the scene of logistics: how to deliver orders on time and increase profits
How to move to Kyiv — a great guide for IT professionals
A country brainpower: why Israeli tech companies choose Ukraine as their trusted R&D location