Ukrainian edtech company Projector Institute expands into the Polish market

Kyiv-based online Projector Institute has announced its expansion into the Polish market, the company told AIN.Capital. The company plans to actively develop the local community, host offline events with partners, and launch workshops and training programs for the end of 2023.

  • Since its establishment in 2015, the institute has successfully graduated over 15,000 students across 9 faculties and brought together a professional community of over 100,000 members.
  • Over the past year, the team has been preparing for the expansion by conducting research on the professional community and the online education market in Poland, as well as doing test runs.

Projector will launch its products on October 17 in Warsaw with the first panel discussion among top specialists from Apptension, Tonik, and – in partnership with Google for Startup Campus.

“Ukraine is a member of the European community, which is why we are now expanding the reach of our principles of independent Ukrainian education worldwide starting with our cooperation with Poland. The creative community in Poland, which includes graduates of Projector, serves as an inspiring model for us. We have high hopes of fostering a vibrant and engaged educational community here,”

Oleksandr Tregub, CEO and co-founder of Projector Institute, states.
Projector Institute in Poland

Projector Institute in Poland

Projector Polska will follow the same edtech model that the team has been using for nearly 9 years in the Ukrainian market. Polish students will participate in online programs that focus on practical experience and working with real-life case studies.

  • Educational programs in Poland will be held in Polish and English, and will be taught by experts and top specialists from the Polish market.
  • The first courses and workshops will be launched on the topics of User Experience and Web Design for the beginner and junior levels. Later, content for the middle+ audience will be added to the range of educational programs.

For the year 2022, we have observed the Ukrainian community’s growing influence in the field of design in Poland. Our specialists have emerged as strong competitors in the market. For us, establishing a presence in Poland presents an exciting opportunity to shape a new wave of Eastern European design and promote the values of accessible education beyond Ukraine,

Oleksandr Ivanov, COO and co-founder of Projector, explains.

Poland will be Projector’s first entry into the international market. The company aims to expand to multiple European countries, starting in 2024.