Austrian Impact.AI announces a €1.5M pre-seed funding

Linz-based startup Impact.AI has announced the closure of €1.5 million pre-seed funding round for the development of its modular AIProductOps platform. The investment saw participation from Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws), FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH, and several angels.

  • Impact.AI was co-founded in September 2022 by Anna Maria Brunnhofer-Pedemonte and Justin Bercich. The startup provides an automated AI Governance and QA tool, that identifies key business success metrics: product changes, customer segments, and go-to-market actions. 
  • The company claims that its solution helps to:
    • Oversee and optimize every aspect of AI products with features tailored to individual needs.
    • De-risk AI through automated compliance with legislations, standards and principles for responsible development.
    • Leverage AI insights to rapidly enhance and align products using evaluation, benchmarking and user feedback.

“Impact AI is transforming the way AI teams work, making it simpler for AI Product Managers to understand and improve their LLM based products. They can automatically and continuously analyze metrics of their chatbots, like hallucinations, accuracy, fairness or even empathy. This observability boosts confidence in deployment and means a significant step forward in developing AI applications.”

the team of Impact.AI added.