Ukraine’s Projector launches, a career-dedicated AI product

Projector Institute, one of the largest educational institutions in the field of creative and tech professions in Ukraine, has launched, a career-dedicated AI product. The company told AIN.Capital the news via press-release.

  • is a platform that greatly simplifies the job search for companies and candidates. With the help of an AI algorithm, cuts out the superfluous and offers only those job offers or resumes that match the specific requests.
  • Thanks to this, a company can find the right person by processing a much smaller number of profiles, and candidates are communicated with only when the vacancies meet their expectations and skills.

During the year of beta testing, achieved the following results:

  • every seventh match ends with an invitation to an interview;
  • 16,000 creative and tech talents in the base of various levels (from seniors to juniors);
  • 550 partner companies seeking and returning candidates.

This is the embodiment of the skill-first approach in hiring, which is already a global trend. We launched a beta through a chatbot, thanks to which we can quickly improve the algorithm and give higher accuracy. By the end of the year, the match percentage will change from 1/7 to 1/5. And a convenient platform will appear,

Oleksandr Tregub writes.

The startup plans to enter one foreign market in 2024 and attract investors at further stages of development. Earlier, Project Institute announced its expansion into the Polish market. You can read the newspiece here: