Polish mental care app Mindgram raises €2.5M in new funding

Mindgram, a Warsaw-based startup, offering support for employees’ mental health, has raised a €2.5 million round from Smartlink Partners, Market One Capital, Credo Ventures and Portfolion. The financing will allow Mindgram to focus on implementing its global vision.

  • Founded in 2020 by Adam Plona, Jakub Zieliński, and Małgorzata Ohme, Mindgram is a science-based platform and mobile app for mental wellness. It helps companies support the mental well-being of their employees, as well as build their resilience and drive performance. Mindgram’s tools can help manage stress, burnout, communication problems as well as family difficulties and anxiety.
  • Via the app users have access to workshops, training, podcasts, chat consultations, and full-scale online psychotherapy. Currently, it’s available in Polish, English, and Spanish. In March this year, the company will add support for German, French, Danish, Portuguese, and Italian, and by the end of the year 30 additional languages will be added, including Ukrainian, Arabic and Chinese.

Investment details:

  • The fresh round was led by Smartlink Partners, a Polish fund specializing in investments in advanced technologies, including companies operating in the HRtech area.
  • Poland’s Market One Capital, Czech Credo Ventures, and Hungarian Portfolion also participated in the funding. The cooperation will provide Mindgram not only financial, but also strategic support and expertise.

We have a chance to become the only platform in the field of mental health that is able to provide its services in over 70 markets and in 37 different languages,

Małgorzata Ohme, co-founder of Mindgram, commented on the investment.

Mindgram established cooperation with Smartlink Partners at the beginning of this year. Before that, in April 2022, Mindgram raised a €7 million seed round led by Credo Ventures to expand across Europe.