Ukraine’s Roosh and Tiny Studio to invest $10M in tech companies

Ukrainian Roosh and Canadian Tiny Studio have informed AIN about the launch of its first partnership project Roosh X. The project will target profit-focused tech sector companies with over $5 million revenue, aiming to invest up to $10 million total.

  • Roosh X plans to invest in businesses with annual revenue of $5 million or more. In addition to financing companies with tickets ranging from $500,000 to $10 million and access to Roosh and Tiny Studio expertise, portfolio companies will receive operational support, help with scaling, and entering new markets.
  • The project focuses on European and American companies in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, gaming, fintech, consumer and entertainment programs, and digital marketing. The company also claims it will invest in businesses focused on maximizing profits and will build new technologies in partnership with other companies.

This is radically different from traditional venture capital investment. The partnership combines ambition with the powerful capabilities of the Roosh platform and Tiny Studio’s expertise in creating startups, which will give companies access not only to capital, but also to support that is currently simply not available through traditional financing options, operating on the European market,

Den Dmytrenko, co-founder and General Partner at Roosh, сommented.
  • Since 2021, Kyiv-based Roosh investment group has been involved in another investment project, the Roosh Ventures fund, which has been investing in technology businesses focused on capitalization. The fund invests in startups at stages from pre-seed to Series A in various industries, but mainly in the areas of corporate SaaS solutions, fintech, gaming, and AI-based products.
  • Tiny Studio is part of the Tiny investment holding that was founded in 2007. It invests in technology and Internet businesses mainly in the US and Canada.