SP Tech Solutions raises nearly €3M to optimize rail transport

Polish company SP Tech Solutions has secured a new funding round, nearing €3 million (PLN 10 million). The fresh capital from Vinci HiTech fund will fuel further technological development, expand its features, and support international market expansion. The company told the details to AIN.

About SP Tech Solutions

  • Founded in 2019 by Michal Pawlowski and Piotr Sikorski, SP Tech Solutions delivers a full range of services to rail transport firms through its Raily suite. It is a comprehensive IT system for railway transportation businesses. This system enhances operational efficiency and execution for those in the railway sector by optimizing transport planning, reducing operational costs, and automating processes.
SP Tech Solutions
Michal Pawlowski and Piotr Sikorski. Image: SP Tech Solutions
  • The system consists of three tools: Raily Taxi automates the process of organizing and optimizing the transport of traction teams. Raily Cargo enables integrated management of railway company resources and the planning of goods logistics. Raily Marketplace is a platform for searching and ordering traction services.
  • According to the company, the solution is already used by companies such as PKP Cargo, Lotos Kolej, Laude Smart Intermodal, and has already made the first implementations in the German market. Last year, SP Tech Solutions as a group achieved revenues of almost €9,5 million (PLN 41 million).

Investment details

  • The fresh funding came from the Vinci Hi Tech fund, managed by Vinci S.A. It is a venture capital fund that invests in early-stage European technology companies within the logistics, energy, mobility, and industry 4.0 sectors.

The SP Tech Solutions team understands the needs of the railway sector very well, thanks to Michal’s and Piotr’s many years of experience in this industry. Their digital solutions address key challenges facing the rail sector, including optimizing trip planning, reducing operating costs and automating business processes. In a global context, where markets strive for sustainability and CO2 reduction, the innovations introduced by SP Tech Solutions align with the strategic goals related to the future of rail transportation,

Piotr Wolinski, CEO of Vinci S.A., comments.
  • The current round of funding is the second raised by the SP Tech Solutions team, which has raised almost €4,5 million (PLN 19 million) from investors to date.

This funding round aims to intensify operations in the Polish market and further expand towards Western Europe. The plans also involve developing AI-enabled technology and growing the team by 50%, focusing on sales, marketing, and, most importantly, development.