Ilya Boshnyakov becomes the regional director of Viber in Ukraine

Rakuten Viber has informed AIN about the recent appointment of Ilya Boshnyakov, the former owner of AIN, as regional director in Ukraine. Previously, Atanas Raykov from the office in Sofia, Bulgaria, was responsible for the role.

  • Ilya Boshnyakov will lead the local team and be responsible for the adaptation of new features for the Ukrainian market and the Ukrainian diaspora of users in the world, as well as for partnerships, marketing and communications in Ukraine.
  • Previously, Atanas Raykov, a vice president of global marketing and social network development from the office in Sofia, Bulgaria, was responsible for the role. According to Atanas, Ukraine is one of the key countries on the market for Rakuten Viber. So, they were looking for a manager who understands the local market well.

Ilya will be responsible for local launches of new products and solutions, as well as ensuring that Ukraine receives all innovations from Rakuten Viber as soon as possible. We were meticulously looking for the right person, and now that Illya has finally joined us, we plan to significantly expand our activities in Ukraine,

Atanas Raykov, said

What is known about the new director of Viber

Ilya Boshnyakov became the owner and head of AIN.UA in February 2016. In the last three years, he has launched the English-language office AIN.Capital, AIN.Business, and Recruitika, the IT job search marketplace. Before working in the media, Illya was managing recruiting and HR in a group of British technology companies covering the fintech, gamedev, martech, and other industries.

As a reminder, since October 1, 2023, Artem Starosiek, the founder of the Molfar OSINT agency, has become the head and owner of the AIN.UA media group. Back then, Ilya said that the idea of finding a strategic partner appeared at the end of 2021.