13 June 2024
Mass layoffs after the huge party. What's going on inside GoStudent, the Austrian $3 billion edtech — investigation by Insider
Fintech Xsolla continues to operate in Russia, with access to data of Epic Games, Roblox, Valve clients. We spoke with its HRs and employees
  • Apple distributor in Ukraine, Asbis, sanctioned for its work in Russia
    Yandex developers used racist slurs in the source code and tailored search algorithms for propaganda purposes
    Flashpoint to raise $75M for Ukraine-focused fund. It has close ties with Russia
    GitLab provides services to the Russian army contractors — investigation
    AI-chatbot Replika raised over $11M investment from the US. Now it's spreading Russian propaganda
  • How Russian propaganda lies: a case study of the Mariupol maternity hospital bombing
    Ambisafe owes $200k in salaries to dozens of developers
    State Fiscal Service searches an online casino developer. How is Gamingtec involved?