03 June 2023
Apple distributor in Ukraine, Asbis, sanctioned for its work in Russia
Yandex developers used racist slurs in the source code and tailored search algorithms for propaganda purposes
Flashpoint to raise $75M for Ukraine-focused fund. It has close ties with Russia
GitLab provides services to the Russian army contractors — investigation
AI-chatbot Replika raised over $11M investment from the US. Now it's spreading Russian propaganda
  • How Russian propaganda lies: a case study of the Mariupol maternity hospital bombing
    Ambisafe owes $200k in salaries to dozens of developers
    State Fiscal Service searches an online casino developer. How is Gamingtec involved?
  • Ukrainian generates Xbox gift cards for $10M and sells them on eBay - the story of a big scam
  • Ukrainian company Everad heads massive scam selling fake dietary supplements in Europe