Jooble invests in Teraz Work, a marketplace for freelance recruiters

Ukrainian Jooble has invested in Teraz Work, the service which allows recruiters to access a large number of vacancies and help to close them faster. The investment amount is not disclosed. With the investment Teraz Work plans to expand into Europe. The startup shares details with AIN.Capital.

About Teraz Work

  • Teraz Work was founded in October 2022 by Oleksandr Dyatlov (formerly co-founder of Ecoisme) and Volodymyr Nevdakha. The startup enables employers to close vacancies faster by outsourcing hiring processes. Teraz Work claims that 50,000 freelance recruiters work in the field of mass recruitment in Ukraine. Since launching, the project went through several pivots before the founders focused on the current model.

“We wanted to create a service that would help recruiters find freelance projects, and employers to quickly and efficiently close vacancies by attracting experienced recruiters from outside. That’s how Teraz Work was founded,”

Oleksandr Dyatlov, CEO and the co-founder of Teraz Work commented.
  • According to the team, Teraz Work currently has more than 800 registered recruiters on the platform. More than 500 users visit it every day. The average check on the platform is UAH 6,000.
  • Shortly, Teraz Work aims to scale into Europe. The project website is already available in Ukrainian, English, and Polish.

“We have global ambitions to simplify the process of labor migration. In the future, we plan to help companies in Western Europe find employees from Eastern Europe,”

representatives of the startup added.
  • Via the platform, the employer can transfer the tasks of hiring personnel to Teraz Work recruiters, providing data on the number of required employees, their qualifications, and determining how much he can pay for the recruitment service. Payment for the recruitment service is made only after the candidate passes a trial period with the employer.

The investor:

  • Teraz Work is Jooble’s third public investment. Earlier, the company invested $1 million in the edtech startup JayJay and financed the online recruiting service Adsee.
  • In May 2022, Jooble, which is developing an international job search portal, launched the Jooble Venture Lab startup studio in the professional education and job fields. The company plans to invest and grow more than 10 projects per year, investing in each of them from $100,000 to $2 million.