Austrian startup Proofcheck raises a €500k in a pre-seed

Proofcheck, a Vienna-based multilingual web app for content producers AI startup, has raised €500,000 in a pre-seed funding round led by 5502 Fund of BackBone Ventures. The investment will help to expand its platform.

  • Co-founded in Vienna in 2022 by American husband-and-wife team Tara Więckowska-Merrigan and Alexandre Paris, Proofcheck creates an AI-powered software platform that centralizes fragmented content workflows. According to te startup, it enables creators to efficiently prepare and perfect high-stakes content like books, white papers, and corporate reports.
  • Proofcheck’s platform uses an ensemble of custom-trained open-source models and proprietary algorithms and its document parser to quickly identify designed content’s constituent parts, like body text, titles, and footnotes. The startup has already serves about a dozen book publishers in North America and Europe, including some of commercial publishers in Germany and the United States.

Our platform not only establishes a high-quality editorial baseline that streamlines designed content workflows but also meticulously maintains an audit trail of work. By consolidating and automating disparate tedious tasks, Proofcheck ensures a substantial return on investment through unparalleled efficiency gains and time savings,

CEO of Proofcheck, Tara Więckowska-Merrigan says.

Proofcheck will use the pre-seed funding to accelerate the development of its AI-powered platform and expand its functionality to service the entire corporate content creation lifecycle, including the editing and design phases.