Ukrainian startup PeopleForce raises $2M in seed round from Pracuj Ventures

PeopleForce, the global provider of an all-in-one HR platform, has secured $2 million in seed funding round led by Pracuj Ventures, a prominent Polish venture fund. The capital injection will help the startup with its mission to revolutionize HR processes for technology-driven companies. The startup told AIN.Capital the details of the deal.

About PeopleForce

  • Founded in 2019 by Andrew Cetinic, PeopleForce is an all-in-one HR platform designed to provide the best employee experience and streamline HR processes at every stage of the employee life cycle. PeopleForce’s main goal is to automate tasks, freeing time for HR professionals to focus on talents and their growth.
PeopleForce team. Image: PeopleForce

Pracuj Ventures reaffirmed their commitment to HR automation and tech trends. At PeopleForce, we are proud to be part of their investment portfolio and eager to advance development, delivering the best HR platform for our customers,

Andrew Cetinic, founder and CEO of PeopleForce, shared.
  • The company has over 800 clients from 25 countries worldwide, with a total of more than 80,000 active users on the HR platform. Among them are globally recognized brands such as Rakuten, BMW, Deloitte, Ajax Systems,, and YouScan, alongside notable successes in the Polish market, including Autenti, MerXu, Grupa eSky, Inspeerity, Addepto, and Verseo.

The investment details

The funding round came from Pracuj Ventures. It is first corporate innovation fund in Poland and one of the first in the CEE region, which focuses on investing in HRtech and edutech areas. The fund’s mission is to support innovative and scalable projects operating in the digital HR market. 40 thousand clients from 40 countries have actively used the company’s products and services.

As investors, we’re thrilled to support PeopleForce in its journey. Its unwavering commitment to delivering value to customers through a focused strategy is truly commendable. The founding team’s bold approach to entering new global markets showcases their innovative spirit and track record of success. We believe in their vision and are excited to be part of their continued growth and impact,

Paweł Leks, Managing Partner at Pracuj Ventures, says.
This round is the second time Pracuj Ventures trusted in PeopleForce. In May 2022, the Polish VC fund made its first investment in the startup.

Further plans

The main goal of the funding will be to accelerate product development and pursue market penetration in Poland and LATAM. With this investment, PeopleForce aims to further optimize HR processes across all stages of the employee life cycle, ultimately fostering a high-performance work culture.