Nova Post opens a new office in Czechia — investments in the country amount to €400,000

Nova Post has opened its fourth branch office in the Czech Republic, which will be located in the city of Liberec. This is the third Czech city where an office was opened, the press release states. In a comment to AIN, the company said that 10 million Czech crowns have already been invested in the branch in the country, which is approximately €400,000.

  • The Czech Republic became the fourth country in Europe where Nova Post has opened its offices. The first city was Prague, where the office was opened on June 5 of the same year. At that time, the company announced that it plans to invest 3 million Czech crowns in development in the Czech Republic.
  • According to Andrii Artemenko, the CEO of Nova Post in the country, this year they plan to open offices in the cities of Pilsen, Ostrava, and Ceske Budejovice. And also increase the number of parcel delivery points.
  • AIN reminds that Nova Poshta opened 89 offices in Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, and Moldova.

How does it work

The office is located at Dr. M. Horákové 11/76, working from Monday to Saturday. The delivery time is from five working days.

The cost of delivery from Ukraine to the Czech Republic:

  • Documents up to 1 kg — UAH 500.
  • Parcels up to 2 kg — UAH 550.
  • Parcels up to 10 kg — UAH 850.
  • Parcels up to 30 kg — UAH 1,800.

In addition, Ukrainians can order delivery by Nova Post courier of up to 200 kg from Ukraine to any address in the city of Liberec. Delivery by courier is paid additionally + UAH 100 for shipments up to 30 kg or + UAH 250 for every 100 kg. The company’s website has a special calculator that helps calculate the cost of the parcel.