Nova Post opens its first office in Spain

Nova Post, a Ukrainian delivery services provider, has announced to AIN that it has entered the market in Spain. The country became the 12th in Europe where Nova Post branch offices are located.

  • The first branch office was opened in Barcelona at the address C/Gran de Sant Andreu, 413, Sant Andreu, 08030. According to the CEO of Nova Post in Spain, Oleksandr Pavlovsky, two more branches are planned to be opened later: one more in Barcelona and another one in Madrid.

And over the course of the year, we will actively develop the network of parcel delivery service points together with our partners. We plan to open five or six delivery points in each city along the coast: from Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, to Murcia, Malaga, and Estepona, as well as in Madrid,

Oleksandr Pavlovsky said.
  • The delivery time from Ukraine is from 8 days. You can send parcels, documents, cargo up to 1000 kilograms. The post office will work every day.
    • Documents up to 1 kg — UAH 1,000;
    • Parcels up to 2 kg — UAH 1,050;
    • Parcels up to 10 kg — UAH 1,700;
    • Parcels up to 30 kg — UAH 3,000;
    • Cargo from 30 to 1,000 kg — UAH 120 per kg.

Since May, a courier delivery to any address will also become available. An additional payment of UAH 100 will be required for shipments of up to 30 kg, or UAH +120 for every 100 kg.

AIN reminds our readers that Nova Post has opened 89 branch offices in Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, and Moldova.